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Meet Cubby

Meet Cubby

Many years ago our Founder Caleb Polley, dreamed up the word “Boogaloo,” by combining the words “Igloo” and “Bungalow.” Caleb saw it as a lighthearted word that could be used for this product to create a sense of comfort and amusement among the children and parents in need of relief. The only other known association at the time was the classic jazzy dance move, the electric boogaloo. And hey, that association isn’t too bad... 


Today this word is associated with particular extremist groups that hold certain values and ideals that do not reflect the views of our company. We would like to let our customers, both past and future, know that our company is in no way associated with these groups. We have decided to change our name to avoid confusion or animosity towards our product or customers. 


We introduce to you Cubby Beds. Same great product with a new name.

Cubby resonates with us as a kid friendly safe space. Easy to say by kids of all ages and with a soft fun demeanor. To us, Cubby represents a good night sleep with more comfort and less stress. Cubby represents happiness. 

 Thanks for your continued support,

-Cubby Team



If you have additional questions, send them our way!

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