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Cubby Bed


With the Cubby Sleep System, you and your loved one will get the peace and comfort that you have always dreamed of.

Thoughtfully designed and packed full of smart technology, we're confident that your family is going to have brighter mornings and better nights.

The Best Sleep You've Never Had

  • Kid Proof Durability

    Machine washable, bleach cleanable and made from ultra-tough fabric and steel

  • Soothing Sensory Inputs

    Calm your kiddo before bed or when stressed with the perfect custom environment 

  • Calming Safe Space

    Comforting protection with 360 degrees of padding, anti-wander enclosure and safety sheets

  • Peace Of Mind Monitoring

    Always be connected to your loved one with a connected camera, mic and sensors 

Technical specifications

What's In Your Sleep System?

  • Monitoring Features

    - IOS & Android Apps
    - 1080p HD Camera With Night Vision, Live View, Local/Cloud Recording
    - Motion & Sound Detection Alerts
    - Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Alerts
    - Alexa & Google Home Integrations

  • Sensory Features

    - Circadian Light That Simulates Sunrise/Sunset
    - Meditative Breathing Program
    - Speaker With Pre-loaded Sounds & Aux Input
    - Add On Accessories: Weighted Blanket, Aromatherapy Spray, Vibration Mat

  • Materials & Certifications

    - Dual Layer Mesh & Fabric Padded Canopy
    - Galvanized Steel Frame
    - Removable Pocket + Straps
    - FDA Registered, Class 1 Medical Device
    - UL Approved Electronics
    - GreenGuard Gold Certified Fabric
    - TB 117-2013, UFAC - Class I Flame Resistance
    - CertiPUR Mattress Foam
    - Steel Hardware & Connectors
    - Four 1/2" Steel Holes For Electronics or Feeding Tubes

  • Size & Assembly

    - Assembles In ~1 Hour With 2 Tools (Provided)
    - 87" Long x 54" Wide x 72" Tall
    - 18" Transfer Height
    - Fits A Full Size Mattress - Not Included
    (Mattress Must Be Less Than 10" To Use Safety Sheets)

Have Questions?

Can I get funding help?

Yes! The majority of Cubbys we ship are paid for by Insurance, Medicaid, waivers, charities and local government grant programs. Please see our Funding Page for more info.

We love to help families navigate this process so feel free to Contact Us for more info! 😃

What’s included with my Cubby?

Does my order come with a mattress?

Can I remove the electronics?

Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Lynsey Worrell
We discovered that our little one has a sleeping disorder

We love the Cubby Bed - our 4 year old feels safe and secure. We are so grateful for the camera too. We discovered that our little one has a sleeping disorder and that he moves over 70 times at night which we did not know when he was in his crib.

I recently had a problem and Marisa is the young lady I spoke with. GREAT customer service for sure!!!!

Brianne Scantlen
Finally breathe a sigh of relief

Cubby is absolutely amazing, my daughter now is sleeping safe and when the nights get hard, the bed is large enough for me to fit in there and sleep comfortably. I highly recommend them and the camera it’s a great feeling to finally breathe a sigh of relief with this bed. Also, they have an amazing team. Including Erica who was a huge help in our success in getting the bed we needed.

Yelena Castro
A sense of calmness for my daughter

It provides a sense of calmness for my daughter, and safety as well for us as her parents knowing what could potentially happen during the night with her being in her own room and away from us. We love the bed!!! She instantly loved it and wouldn’t leave it :) Team was very helpful and the guys who delivered were super nice and willing to help and take time out to answer any questions we had for them, etc.

Erica Kent
This bed literally means safety, wellness, and peace of mind for myself and my daughter.

We just got our cubby bed today and are so excited. This bed means that I no longer have to worry about my daughter's safety at night. I can sleep in my own bed alone again and I will be alerted to any seizures she may have through the app thanks to the motion sensors and camera. Sleepless nights due to my daughter's wild sleeping habits and frequent falls out of bed are going to be a thing of the past. This bed literally means safety, wellness, and peace of mind for myself and my daughter. I will finally be rested enough to tackle any obstacles her disorder through our way and you can't put a price on the relief and sense of security that has been restored to us through this bed.

Kayla Burke
Best decision ever!!

AMAZING!!!!!!! The quality of this bed is like nothing we have seen. They thought of everything. We have felt a measure of safety that we have never experience before with him in this bed. Best decision ever!!