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Smart Beds for Special Needs

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Rest Easy Knowing Your Child's Needs Are Met

The soothing lights, sounds, and canopy help your child calm down faster and sleep longer.


The padded canopy, safety sheets, and monitoring camera provide 24/7 safety for your loved one.

Sensory Regulation

Cubby creates a calming environment that enables self regulation and minimizes meltdowns. 

Get Smarter About Sleep

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Alarm Alert

Carbon Monoxide Alert

Safety + Sensory Canopy

Have confidence that your loved one is sleeping safe with the mesh and fabric canopy. Each door has a safety pocket + clasp that hide and secure the zipper to prevent wandering or falls.

The breathable canopy blocks light, muffles sound, and creates a soothing cocoon, free from distraction.

The walls are tensioned and separated from the frame to provide padded protection while stimming or having a meltdown.

Circadian Light

The light fades out like a sunset, which provides a signal that it is time to relax and sleep. The sunrise alarm gradually increases the light so your loved one will wake up more refreshed.

You can also help your child unwind and de-stress with the meditative breathing program.

Soothing Speaker

Provide a calming environment and mask unwanted noise with pre-loaded nature sounds and white noise. 

You can also connect a tablet or phone and play your own music, sounds or sleep stories. 

Monitoring Camera

Check-in live, from anywhere, with 1080p HD video + audio. Enhanced night vision provides perfect visibility, even in total darkness.

Set up alerts for sound or motion. View the recording for sleep or safety issues.

Safety Sheets

Safety Sheets zip and lock to the canopy walls to guard against entrapment and burrowing. Cubby's design makes it quick to change and easy to clean.

Kid Tested, Parent Approved

We hand-tested countless fabrics to see how they'd hold up to cleaning, washing, picking, biting, and everything your child can throw at it. The ultra durable steel frame supports over 500 pounds and assembles in an hour.

Cubby beds are designed to guard against dangers outlined by the FDA's 7 Zones Of Entrapment.

Families Love Cubby

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Our Cubby is life changing! We were constantly worried about Josh getting hurt at night. The soothing lights and sounds help with his anxiety, while the camera and padded canopy help him be safe. The best part is we didn't pay a dime! It was all covered through our insurance.

I can’t express enough how happy we are with our Cubby. Prior to this bed, I barely slept. Now, I can look through the camera and make sure he is ok, put on relaxing music, dim the light, and check the temp all from the comfort of my phone. Our Cubby is a miracle for our family.

Our little one Ava has multiple disabilities. For years she would hurt herself and bang her head at night. She would be up all night. It was a nightmare! Having this bed, she SLEPT THE ENTIRE NIGHT. Having the peace of mind to watch her and be alerted through the camera + app is priceless.

This bed literally means safety, wellness, and peace of mind for myself and my daughter. I no longer have to worry about her safety at night. I can sleep in my own bed alone again and I will be alerted to any seizures she may have through the app thanks to the motion sensors and camera. You can't put a price on the relief and sense of security that has been restored to us through this bed.

We love the Cubby Bed - our 4 year old feels safe and secure. We are so grateful for the camera too. We discovered that our little one has a sleeping disorder and that he moves over 70 times at night which we did not know when he was in his crib.

We love the bed!!! She instantly loved it and wouldn’t leave it :) The Cubby Team was very helpful and the guys who delivered were super nice and willing to help and take time out to answer any questions we had for them.

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