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Cubby Bed Reviews

Based on 321 reviews
Cubby Bed
Maleena B.
I am so grateful to have this bed!

We are exited to get some sleep! My son is 3 and is autistic. He is a horrible sleeper and would fight his sleep. He loves this bed so much! No more bedtime fussing because he just loves being in it. Thank you Cubby!

Cubby Bed
Tawnie S.

Love it! Very helpful and a cozy sleep!

Cubby Bed
DonYah W.I.
I love the bed , and my child does also

It has helped my little one sleep better at night , he loves to lay and play in his bed

Your team was BEYOND helpful.

The cubby bed has made it to where I can sleep at night without worrying if my child is going to chew a chord in to like he did, climb on a shelf, hurt himself, or eat non food items. Life was a lot of sleepless nights or sleeping in the same room as my child which I never wanted to do because of wanting him to be independent. Your team was BEYOND helpful

Cubby Bed
Ashlee K.
They were amazing through this whole process

Tonight will be our first night so we shall see

Cubby Bed

I was able to put my child down to cook dinner and know that he was safe and I will finally sleep tonight knowing that my child is safe and content

The Cubby Bed has helped my level 3 twins with ASD greatly. Safety is a huge concern for my family due to our daughter’s eloping. But with the Cubby Bed’s there is no more worry of them eloping and harming themselves if we’re sleeping. Before Cubby Bed our girls would escape their beds/rooms nightly. It even took them longer to fall asleep since and we had to sleep in shifts so someone was awake during the night. After Cubby Beds we now sleep better knowing they can’t harm themselves.

Cubby Bed
Melissa J.
Extremely Excited about the Peace of Mind

We just got the bed today. However, I am extremely excited about the peace of mind this will offer us. We will know our son is safe when he is in bed and will be able to get a full nights rest ourselves for the first time in years. I can’t tell you in words what a blessing this bed will be to our family.

The boys love their beds. They destroyed a competitors bed.

Cubby Bed
Katie M.
The Cadillac of Safety Beds

We went from a crib with a net over it to the Cubby bed. So we went from tough nights where Mom was constantly worried about my son trying to climb out and get stuck to the Cadillac of safety beds. Everyone is sleeping well because my son is safe and happy in his Cubby bed. Everyone's sleep has improved.

Grace loves her cubby bed, she feels safe and comfortable and loves the lights and sensory option

Great sleep system for my boys

Cubby Bed
Chantell W.

It is the best thing I have received for him to date. It has changes out lives tremendously! We all are able to sleep and no longer worry what he will do at night. The Cubby bed is absolutely a must have for autistic children!

Cubby Bed
Samantha S.

Absolutely thrilled with our new Cubby Bed, we had so many problems with our little one escaping and roaming the house while we were sleeping. We are now able to relax at night knowing that the is safe and unable to harm himself. Thank you Cubby Bed... you have changed our life!

Cubby Bed
LaMarna T.

He rests well. Nightlight provides comfort and reduces anxiety about having to go to bed. Though he is not afraid of the dark, it's calming and gives him less anxiety of it actually being bed time.. He does not like to go to bed.

My grandchild loves it. some of his diagnoses are Autism Severe, Sensory Seeking Behaviors and insomnia. This bed has make a difference in addressing his needs. He seeks enclosed spaces, this bed helps him with his sensory needs and Safety!

It has provided my wife and I a reassuring sense of safety and security for our Son Ashton. He has slept better since we received it than he has in several months also. Best decision we have made for him yet.

Cubby Bed
Nyla W.
The cubby has been very helpful for my daughter.

She loves it and doesnt want to get out of it. I can sleep peacefull at night knowing my daughter is safe

I’m so glad as the mother of a child on the spectrum that we will both be getting a solid nights rest. Cubby beds have all the features to help my son fall asleep and stay asleep. This experience is priceless.

Cubby Bed
Randy H.

My grandson sleeps, much better and throughout the night. Marcus was a really big help.

It’s the most amazing thing we own.

Cubby Bed
Mara B.
My child is sleeping through the night after only two nights.

He isn’t scared of it and loves being inside it. I am able to rest peacefully knowing he is safe and happy.

Our son elopes from home every time he can, thanks to cubby bed we can sleep assuring he does not go out of his room in the middle of the night. He also likes to bounce backwards, also when sleeping rolls a lot, with the cubby bed he is now secured not to fall and the sheets will not entrap him. He is very sensory stimulated the coziness of the Cube bed is a delight for him.

My 6 year old son is autistic, non-verbal, and struggles with elopement. Before the Cubby Bed, he had constant night wakenings and we had to be up with him and stay vigilant throughout the night to make sure he wasn't trying to escape. Everyone in the house on edge and sleep deprived for several years. The Cubby Bed helps keep him secure and we no longer have to worry about him escaping his room or leaving the house in the middle of the night. He loves his Cubby Bed and feels very safe in it, he sleeps very soundly in his bed. The Cubby Bed brings peace of mind to my entire family.

My daughter will be safe and comfy after surgery and we will sleep far more sound

My daughter has slept through the night without interruption for the first time in 2 years. The camera is a really cool feature and I like that I can use the microphone to talk to her instead of barging in every time she makes a noise.

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