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Letter of Medical Necessity
(LMN) Guide

These resources have been created to help streamline the insurance process for patients, families, and providers. Use our LMN Template and Justification Guide to save time and improve the odds of coverage.

Step 1: Download Template
LMN Template (Word Doc)
Step 2: Draft LMN Using Justification Guide
See Justification Guide


A Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) focuses on safety concerns and outlines the patient’s medical condition, the necessity of the requested equipment or treatment, and how it will improve the patient's health.

The link below explains what a LMN is, why you need it, and how to write it.

Understanding + Writing a LMN

Sure! This is an example of a high quality LMN.  Please use this LMN Example as inspiration for our LMN Template when creating your LMN.

LMN Example

We recommend that the prescribing doctor writes the LMN or you can have a supporting therapist such as an OT or PT write it. The LMN should include past patient history.

LMNs can be a complex but important piece of documentation. Using our template + guide, it should take you ~20 minutes. Much faster than starting from scratch so download them now :)

Yes! We're here to support you. Contact our Cubby Care Team with any questions or to review your LMN.

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