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Cubby Bed

Many families have succeeded in getting the entire Cubby bed paid for by insurance, Medicaid, Medicaid Waivers, or charities for special needs beds. Learn more below. 

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Funding Options

Medicaid / Insurance

Thousands of families have received insurance coverage for special needs beds like Cubby.

We're here to help you navigate the process :)

Although a Cubby Bed has many benefits for sleep, anxiety, and sensory regulation, insurance will typically only reimburse a pediatric safety bed for significant safety concerns such as seizures, fall risk, elopement, self injury, entrapment or other well documented behaviors that could cause injury.

If you're loved one may qualify, here are the steps:

1 - Prescription
Start by getting a Prescription for a "Cubby+ Safety Bed" from your doctor.  

2 - Connect With A Supplier
Have your doctor send the prescription to a durable medical equipment (DME) supplier and then call them. The DME partner will collect/create your documentation and submit it to insurance.

We partner with the two largest DMEs - Numotion and National Seating & Mobility. Find your local branch by clicking the links below.  

+Find Numotion location  

+Find National Seating & Mobility location  

You are also welcome to work with another DME supplier - have them contact us.

3 - Create Letters Of Medical Necessity (LMN)
With your DME partner + OT, doctor, neurologist, etc, draft LMNs. Then have the original prescription doctor sign it saying they agree.

More letters are better than one but quality and detail are more important than quantity. LMNs prove the medical need to insurance. Make sure that the safety risks are defined and less costly alternatives are ruled out. The most common denial reason is not detailed enough documentation

Click here for a LMN guide and template. Send to us and we'd be happy to review!  

4 - Follow Up!
These companies are often overwhelmed so stay diligent. Many families are denied the first go-around but successful with an appeal. Know that you are a ROCKSTAR ADVOCATE for you and your child's needs!

5 - Get Approved & Enjoy Your Cubby! 

The process can take 1-3 months and is not guaranteed. It depends on your insurance, location and situation.

Other funding options include charities and waiver programs

We also have discounted private pay with 36 month payment plans which will get you safe sleep much faster.

Cubbys are billed as FDA registered pediatric specialty beds according to Medicaid and Medicare guidelines.

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Medicaid Waivers

If you’re currently covered by a Medicaid waiver, talk to your case manager about the benefits of a Cubby and see if it’d be covered. Typically a Cubby can be covered under the categories of assistive technology, medical equipment, home modifications or safety equipment.

The funding pathway is different for every waiver so talk to your case manager about the process. They can contact us with questions.

If you’re not yet on a waiver, these are excellent programs to provide financial resources for your loved one. Typically, your child qualifies solely based on their income which means most children with disabilities will qualify. You can find out more information here- www.medicaidwaiver.org 

Foundations & Grant Programs

There are many charities and foundations that can provide grants for a Cubby Bed. Simply reach out, explain your situation, and see if they will help.

Click here for a great list of resources

Now accepting HSA + 36 Month Payment Plans Available!

Did insurance deny your approval? Or do you simply not want to wait?

We have had many families purchase Cubbies directly with their pretax HSA account saving them $2,000+.

We also have partnered with Affirm to offer payment plans of up to 36 months!
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