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Mattress Protector-Cubby Beds

Mattress Protector



Our hypoallergenic cotton terry mattress
protector naturally absorbs moisture and fits
almost any mattress style and depth, covering
the bed just like a fitted sheet. Providing
protection against allergens, dust mites,
bacteria, perspiration and all types of fluids, the
protector’s breathable membrane allows air to
circulate while repelling unwanted liquids.

Fits full size mattress 8-10" thick.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Rachael Miller
Smart, safe, secure

My son, Drake, has SCN1A gene mutation causing him severe epilepsy. Bumps and bruises became a daily occurrence in his standard crib and started to become a very serious hazard the more he grew.

Our Cubby bed (covered through insurance) has given us peace of mind as parents and given our son the independence he craved while remaining safe. The very first night in his Cubby we set the circadian light for 5 minutes and watched the monitor. He fell asleep less than 2 minutes after the light turned off. I only heard him once during the night and that was him adjusting to a new sleeping position. Never could I have imagined he could get a night's rest THAT GOOD.

The mesh is slightly stretchy, but also very sturdy. I don't anticipate any problems for my son. We also love that the safety sheet comes with a padlock so extra smart kiddos can't escape! The only downside is the size of the bed, BUT if it can fit in a single wide trailer bedroom as shown you will more than likely have room :-)

Madison McDonough
I feel so good knowing my child is okay at bedtime

The Cubby Bed has been everything for my son and myself. He is sleeping amazing and I’m able too finally rest at night knowing my son is completely safe. It’s been about 3 years of on going issues with his sleeping and his seizures at night and now I feel so good knowing my child is okay at bedtime.

Jacque Rose
Can't believe how fast the process was!

My daughter loves her cubby bed . I can't believe how fast the the process went. I will definitely recommend this company. Cubby Beds has helped with peace of mind knowing that she will be safe. Before the cubby bed she was in a crib and she would get stuck in the rails all the time. And kneeling on the railing so I was afraid of her falling out. The light and sounds is pretty neat. I also like the camera - awesome quality. All around amazing bed!!

Jessica Bruno
It's super safe

It's super safe for my kiddo who is a runner, gives me peace of mind.

Richelle Deversee
Best Bed EVER!!

We have had almost a full week of sleep!! My son is 11 and hadn't slept in pretty much 11 years for a full night and he has even had great days in school now!!! It has helped him in so many areas, he is sleeping soundly, when he is over stimulated he puts on the unwind button and breaths to calm, he loves to zip himself up to feel enclosed a bit and watches his movies on his phone and he even said he feels safe and sound. It has been a blessing to say the least! Thank you so much for this bed. It's been a God send for our family and I recommend this company highly!!!!!