What’s included with my Cubby Bed order?

How do I control the bed's features?

Can I remove the electronics?

What are the age, height and weight restrictions of the bed?

What are the materials?


How hard is it to move?

How do you make sure my personal data and video stream are secure?

How do I get alerts about smoke alarms or Carbon Monoxide alarms?

Canopy Care

How do I clean the canopy?

How do I dry the canopy?

Can I machine wash the canopy?

Can I disinfect with bleach?

What happens if the fabric rips?


What kinds of certifications do your products have?

Does the FDA regulate this product for safety?

How do I know my child is safe when I'm not there?

Is the software secure?

What are safety sheets?


How does my Cubby Bed ship and when will I receive it?

Where does Cubby ship to?

Warranty & Returns

Does my product need to be unopened or unused?

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